Deals & Discounts

When you stay at Campfire Hotel, you’re family. It’s that simple. And we want to make things easy on you, with as many deals and discounts as we can.

Dog treats at the front desk

Bring Your Pup

We’re Bend’s best pet friendly hotel! Bring Fido, Sassy, Shadow, or Chance. Grab a dog treat from the front desk, check out our shop for bowls & blankets, to keep your pup happy.


Pet Friendly Policies

  • $25 pet fee per night, per pet.
  • Pets cannot be left unattended in the guest rooms at any time for any reason.
  • Pets must be leashed and secured any time they are outside of guest rooms.
  • Guests are responsible for clean up and all pet actions.
  • Pets are not allowed in the hot tub/pool areas.

Any additional cleaning due to a pet will be subject to up to a $250 fee.

Bend Hotel stargazing offer

Stargazing Package

Want to get out and see the stars? Bend is the perfect spot to see the night sky in all its glory. Grab your telescope and we’ll hook you up with everything you need!


Package Includes

  • Campfire flask
  • 2 metal campfire mugs
  • 2 pour over coffee kits
  • Campfire blanket

About Back Porch Coffee

Back Porch Coffee founder Dave Beach has been buying and roasting coffee for 18 years. Dave is passionate about bringing the best out in coffees (and people) and making sure that those who grow the coffee, are compensated fairly for their work. From seed to cup, coffee is a crop that requires many hands to make complete. Backporch is very committed to excellence in each step of that process. We have direct trade connections in Central America, South America and Africa that we work closely with to accomplish that.

Bend Hotel love box offer

Burnin’ Love Package

We’ve partnered with XOBC Cellars in Walla Walls to provide everything you’ll need to heat up the evening with your partner. Plus a late checkout, so you can really chill.

Package Includes

  • The Campfire Hotel Love Box
  • XOBC Winery Sparkling Rose
  • Chocolates from See’s Candies of Bend
  • 1pm Checkout

About XOBC

XOBC Cellars is a Walla Walla-based winery founded by multiple-Grammy-award-winning artist Brandi Carlile, her wife Catherine, and their friends, Amy and Jeri Andrews. In addition to showcasing PNW wines and LGBTQ+/women leadership, our proceeds benefit Brandi’s charity, The Looking Out Foundation. LOF is proud to assist underprivileged women and children all around the globe and help raise the voices of those most in need.

High Desert Safety Kit

We’ve partnered with epic cannabis company Oregrown for legally awesome Bend experience that gives our guests an insider’s look at Oregon’s legal cannabis industry.


Package Includes

Discount 15% off Voucher for in-store use
Oregrown Patch
Campfire Logo-Engraved Pax Era Battery
Oregrown Sticker Pack
Oregrown Rolling Papers
Oregrown Hat
Oregrown Lighter
1pm Checkout

About Oregrown

Voted “Best Dispensary” by The Source Weekly five years running, this sleek storefront has one of the city’s largest selections of craft cannabis and is located in the lively heart of downtown Bend. Stop by to pick up something new on the way to the mountain or to check out our limited-edition apparel on your way out of town.

Book Direct Save 10%

Book directly from our website, or by calling the Hotel at (541) 382-1515, and you will save 10% on all room rates. It’s that easy!